How to write an essay in 30 minutes

In universities and schools, students are often given the task of writing an essay about summer or about a best friend. Often also used such topics as “my family”, “my choice of profession”, “my hobby”.

There are three main types of essay, each of which has its own peculiarities of writing.

  • “Pros and cons”. An essay of this type discusses two opposing opinions on any subject. When writing such an essay, it is important to observe maximum objectivity and not to present one of the opinions as “correct” and the other as “incorrect”.
  • “Problem and solution” (“issues for consideration”). The main task is to present the problem and consider several solutions. This essay is written in the official style, so it is unacceptable to use different abbreviations. You also need to avoid informal expressions.

Opinion (opinion sketches). As the name suggests, in an essay of this type, it is most important to express your opinion on this issue and explain it. It is recommended that several quotes from all articles be used in the text, which confirms the point of view expressed.

The outline and structure of an essay is fairly simple to understand how to write an essay in 30 minutes. To write an essay about summer, hobbies, pets or something else, you need to follow a specific plan. A plan will help your thoughts to be consistent and clear. As a rule, an essay contains a heading (article) and three main parts.

Introduction In the introductory part it is necessary to define the topic and briefly describe it. If this is a task to write an essay about summer, then you can tell why people like this time of year and how they enjoyed themselves this season.

The main part (main body) is the most informative and volume part of the essay. It is necessary to open the topic, analyze it and, most importantly, express your opinion on this issue.

Conclusion. In the final part, the results are summarized, and if the topic requires it, a conclusion is made (for example, it is not recommended to give an unambiguous conclusion “for and against”).

Despite the fact that there is a general pattern for all compositions, it is possible to distinguish its properties in each particular subject. Depending on the introduction, the main part and the conclusion can be divided into sub-paragraphs. But it all depends on how detailed you want your essay to be.

Do not make the essay too short or, conversely, too extensive. The standard number of words in an essay is 200-300 words. After the text is written, it is recommended to read it several times (including from the end), to check grammatical and stylistic errors. This will help make your essay more mature. Offer to read your essay to friends or relatives so that they can tell you their opinion. Since your main goal is to convince your reader, you will have to try hard to make your arguments convincing and interesting. Try to write an essay so that your reader thinks about the topic of your essay.

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